I opened Studio Mickala so that I could create anything on my mind. Mickala is a studio that connects worlds: the world of holiness and the world of design, the world of lighting and the world of art, imagination and reality.


Inside me


I'm pregnant, many thoughts are running through me, flowing with me. I want to get them out through this creation. Use it to open a window into what's happening inside me.


I want this reality of body within body to express all the many fears and hopes and joy and difficulties I have now. Mostly the uncertainties around this thing inside me.

It is unclear whether this is good or bad. If it's good and bad. How good.

I used porcelain transparency to reveal what was going on inside the body. Inside it is a different body.

(From my Bezalel final project)


So how did it all start ?

I graduated from Bezalel and didn't know if I even wanted to design or maybe go for a more routine job.

I was visiting my cosmetologist and as we spoke she asked me to design a mezuzah for her. It gave me the push to open my own studio, and the mezuzah with the flowers is the first mezuzah I designed. Recently a new collection of smooth mezuzas has been released with the elegant ש