The mezuzah is one of the few mitzvot in which the Torah states its reward. In this case, the reward is a long life for oneself and one's children: ״And you shall inscribe them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates”.

The mezuzah brings many blessings to your home and protects it from harm. Because of this attribute, the mezuzah has been called "the coat of arms in the knighthood of God.”

Our unique and minimalist Mezuzah (“doorpost”) is a modern twist on the traditional Mezuzah case. Handmade in Israel, created entirely of clay, and beautifully glazed with a shiny blue coating. It is embellished with the “Shin” letter to represent “Shaddai,” one of the biblical names of God, also serves as an acronym for “Shomer Daltot Yisrael.” (According to tradition, "Shin" is optional).

Attachment to the door frame is done with an adhesive double-sided mounting tape (included with the product).
A scroll (parchment) is available for an additional cost. Please choose your preference from the drop-down menu.

This Mezuzah will be appreciated by both religious and non-religious people as a New home gift, a contemporary Judaica offering, a wedding gift, present for Jewish holidays, for Bar/Bat Mitzvah and also a gift for a new baby room.


Mezuzah Measures:
***Large - Length: 17.2 cm / 6.7", Width - 3 cm / 1.2"
***Medium - Length - 15 cm / 5.9" , Width - 2.8 cm / 1.1"
*** Small - length - 13 cm / 5.1", Width - 2.6 cm / 1"

Materials: Ceramic clay
Color: Light Blue
Cleaning: Clean with a wet cloth.

The item is gift wrapped and ready to be given as a gift.

♥ These products are made in collaboration with people with special needs and disabilities. Please help us support them in earning a decent living.

Mezuzah blue + golden ש

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